Real Estate At Work Virtual Meetup Presents Jason and Pili Yarusi

Jason and Pili gave up a lucrative career in flipping and wholesaling single-family homes to become active real estate syndicators focused on building a multifamily legacy. They have incredible advice on what new investors need to do before they can reach their goals of owning big portfolios. In 2016 they founded Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily […]

Real Estate At Work Presents Matt Onofrio

This virtual meetup is designed purely to network with real estate investors and other real estate professionals geared towards creating a community whether you are an active investor or just getting started. We would love for you to share ideas and learn from like-minded individuals to create opportunities and grow your business. Matt Onofrio owns […]

Real Estate at Work – November 2021

Disrupt Equity has recently partnered up with Open Door Capital to work on even larger multifamily syndications together. Both Brian and Feras are heavy hitters bringing years of knowledge and experience in CRE, you won't want to miss this one!

Raleigh Networking Meetup – December 2021

Saturday, December 11th, 5 pm - 8 pm EST Let's meet already! 🤝 What better way to celebrate the end of an amazing year than to host an in-person meetup in a city that I’ve never been to all the way across the continent? SO excited to host this event in partnership with Kenneth, Jeffrey, and Kerwin Donis in Raleigh, North […]

Real Estate at Work with Scott Trench

Stoked to start the year by bringing you the one and only, Scott Trench! Who is Scott? ▪️ CEO and President of BiggerPockets! ▪️ Author of Set for Life and First-Time Home Buyer ▪️ Host of the BiggerPockets Money #Podcast ▪️ #CrossFit enthusiast 🤩 Scott has dedicated his career to educating and informing people about FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Ways to acquire […]

Multifamily Investor Network Conference

The Westin, Houston, Memorial City 945 Gessner Rd, Houston, TX, United States

Feras Moussa and The Disrupt Equity team put together this one-day multifamily investing and networking conference with outstanding topics, expert speakers and panelists, hands-on workshops curated for both active and passive investors, along with many opportunities for YOU to build your network.

Real Estate At Work Presents OnlyFans Sensation Brin Amberlee!

OnlyFans sensation Brin Amberlee isn’t your traditional real estate investor. While she may not have a lot of experience investing in real estate, she certainly has grit and creativity: she uses her immensely popular OnlyFans presence to generate money, which she, in turn, used to fund her first BRRR, turning a distressed property into an […]

Real Estate At Work Presents Tom Carroll of Ballast Rock!

Tom Carrol has bought and sold 7,000 units, raised over 200M, and is the CEO and founder of Ballast Rock, an investment firm with a difference. We will learn how Tom finds the most amazing and unique investment opportunities, how he underwrites them and generates income while having a significant social and environmental impact. As […]